I specialize in creating immersive themed experiences for you and your guests through custom floral installations and event design that tells a story. From the moment you walk up, music playing softly, sweet aromas drifting through the air, each sense will be indulged and delighted.

From gorgeous centerpieces to on-theme cocktails, I provide the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy yourself fully, knowing every last detail is taken care of and every petal is in place. 

Crafting magical moments and unforgettable experiences in the Bay Area and beyond.

Beautiful Visuals. Forever Memories.

Here at Hocus Crocus, we specialize in creating larger-than-life floral installations that are immersive, vibrant, and unforgettable. Our clients trust us to transform their event spaces into breathtaking works of art using bold, beautiful flowers and greenery. From cascading floral chandeliers to towering floral arches, we are known for our show-stopping floral designs that take guests' breath away.

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